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Safety & Environment Policy - Fameco

In the emerging scenario of industrial growth in the domestic and international arena FAMECO keeps an intention to develop into a strong and solid partner. Being established as a versatile partner in the national market FAMECO wishes to spread its wings internationally too. equipped with well experienced work force and essential ammunition FAMECO meets challenges in the industry. Quality and safety make FAMECO the best business and a most satisfied partner among Corporate Companies. The motto of FAMECO is delivering best performance minimising time conception and economic feasibility.

The advantage of FAMECO is the team spirit among entire organization and united efforts for best results. FAMECO promises the growth in the industry by its best involvement.
Health and safety has always been the number one priority for FAMECO and embedded as one of its core value. It was never an easy task to ensure safety for all the employees and contractors’ employees of the company. However, with determination, hard work and the engagement from everyone, from top management to the grass root level, the company has made it possible. The company’s success in ensuring a safe work environment in the Plant, and Mine as well as in office areas is a demonstration of good safety behaviour.

All the basics of safety policy are mandatory for each and every person working or being associated with the company. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), holding hand rails, good and tidy housekeeping, not going for the shortcuts etc. have been declared as compulsory for every person working with the company. Serious accidents happening in sponsor groups facilities are simulated in the company so that employees and contractor personnel take lessons from them and apply the learning in their work areas The ultimate goal of the FAMECO is to be the champion in the field of safety. Action plans have been defined for all the sites of the company to continue the improvement in the field of safety. These plans are constructed in line with world class standards, advisories and priorities and in such a way so that a unique visible change can be achieved. We are committed to give our best to create the best possible healthy and safe work environment for the employees and contractors.

Safety Quality Drive

FAMECO has marked occupational safety as its core value and the responsibility towards Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) is driven by the desire to protect the people we work with and society at large. FAMECO has always promoted safety as one of the most integral device of its value system. It has taken serious initiatives towards ensuring utmost safety of its employees and the environment they work in.

FAMECO aspires to achieve excellence in safety practices and performance. Therefore it has put a system in place to:

  • People’s involvement
  • Ensure ownership on safety from line function
  • Integrate safety into the existing management system
  • Assign accountability on safety to the line function
  • Build competency among employees
  • Form an integrated approach to build in safety within the contract management process.
  • Establish life saving rules and progressive consequence management

Safety, Occupational Health & Environment (SHE) Policy

Our Safety, Occupational Health & Environment (SHE) Policy is motivated by our desire to protect people we associate with, society at large and environment. It is our way we do our business and hence our organisational value. We keep our responsibility to protect people and environment from any injuries and loss of properties.

We will build up the “will”, knowledge and skill among employees/contractors/partners to demonstrate their involvement, responsibility and accountability to achieve sound safety, Occupational health and environment practices & performance.

Safety Commitment

Our staff and workers and their families are of principal importance for us. As a company we are dedicated to achieve safety superiority in our business. We have set in safety an essential part of business and we anticipate that each one of us, irrespective of functional area, shall bear by organisational safety policy and principals. We also understand that good safety is achieved only through continued commitment, practice and demand.

We want that each leader demonstrates:

  • Value and respect for safety system
  • High level compliance to safety standards, rules and procedures.
  • Safety as non negotiable aspect.
  • Each and every individual working with the organisation shall contribute through responsible behaviour “on” and “off” the site
  • We aim for zero fatality, zero injury and zero excuses.

Safety Principles

  • Every job shall be assessed for the risk involved and shall be carried out as per authorised procedures / checklist / work permit and using necessary personal protective equipment.
  • All Employees, Contractor’s Employees and others entering plant for work shall be trained to work safely
  • All unsafe incidents and injuries must be reported, investigated and action completed
  • Each line function is responsible for preventing injuries while safety function is responsible for facilitating safety system improvement.
  • All leaders shall demonstrate care for people by conducting safety Observations and propagate safety awareness at every opportunities.
  • Safety consideration shall influence all our business decisions.
  • Regular Audit must be conducted and deviations shall be corrected promptly. Working safely shall be condition of employment
  • All injuries and illness can be prevented.

Introduction of OSHA safety construction group based in Calicut, Kerala. During the short span of incorporation we are proud for our presence in the industry with colourful performance towards the customers satisfying their needs to the international quality. FAMECO’s customer-focused approach and the continuous quest for world-class quality have enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in business.

FAMECO’s team has shown exemplary craftsmanship in delivering the projected targets with safety. Time consumption and loss prevention in safer execution for the cause of nation growth made us the client friendly and socially committed.